Build your Digital Brand in 5 Hot Ways!

#FOLO, Fear of Leaving Out – are you one of those business owners who feel this way? You are not alone so no big deal. In this Digital world, and how the internet landscape changes from time to time, it’s normal to experience FOLO. The best things you can do? A lot and limitless. First and foremost, Build your Digital Brand. Building your brand is positioning your business in the market which consist of vital pieces to succeed.

In this article, we lay down the 5 hot ways to build your digital brand:

1. Tell an Unforgettable Story

2. Determine your Edge

3. Keep the Enemies Closer

4. Spend on Campaigns

5. Be Everywhere

Tell an Unforgettable Story

        It all starts with how you present your “why”. Put out your mission, vision, values and tagline. It shouldn’t just be a one paragraph format but emphasize your humble beginning and how you gradually climb up the ladder into the level where you are now. Then come up with your next steps which is the mission, vision, values and goals. Create a “wow” factor that will convince your audience why they should pay attention to what you can offer. The story you tell for sure is relatable by many, inspiring for a lot of potential leads and therefore will turn in and would dig for more.

Determine your Edge

        Like a pack of Zebras running in the field, how do you know their differences when they all are black and white stripes? Majority of the businesses now are reaching out to a wide audience, basically to everyone to present their products. You come from the same ground, the same “why” so how do you make your stripes into violet and stand out? This is when you pin down your edge among others. What makes you, you? Perhaps you can say your customer support is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Or say, your product is hand-made by a certain tribe in Southeast Asia, made with pure love and nobody else has access to what they make but you because you had a pact. Determine what defines you that separates from the competitors and involve your team with it. A logo, or a tagline, hashtag will do it. It’s not easy but not impossible either.

Keep the Enemies Closer

        Building your digital brand is like going into a battlefield, either you win or perish. Learn to sleep with your enemy, keep them under your radar to monitor their movement. That’s how you can build a tactic around something they don’t have. Don’t just be a “nice guy” for the audience but include your competitors. Gather every data you got, study it and come up with a strategy they’ve never done before. A plain example is how other brands aren’t consistent with their aesthetics in social media pages. Fonts, colours, random pictures that are not coherent are not really inviting the customers. Make sure yours are consistent with these factors. Ultimately, you are attracting people to your brand when they always see consistency. It’s called the visual brand element, simply used to express the purpose, goals and value to your consumers. Invest in this for it will be your best weapon in the battlefield.

Spend on Campaigns

        In building  your digital brand, always prepare for the process. One concept cannot fit it all, organic reach, engagement is just a percentage of it. Set a budget for campaigns after careful planning, strategizing and locking in your overall target. Remember, when running a campaign, it should always be about “how you can address customer’s needs?”, understand them, determine their phases, their journey. Most of the time they go through awareness, consideration, intent and will not always end up to conversion. But again, this is a process that will eventually progress if you put focus on it, refine and optimize. 

Be Everywhere

        Building your brand is like starting your empire. You cannot play low key so show off what you got and be in every platform available. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and even Tiktok. Facebook users may not be in LinkedIn, and vice versa. There are tendencies to miss a chunk of valuable audience if you only stick to limited platforms. Explore all of them, create content, and engage in a regular manner. This is also how you build strong connections with fellow business owners. Some platforms have a special group that aims to lift each other up and you can all benefit from it. Being everywhere allows you to widen your circle outside your own.


        Building your digital brand doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process with an equivalent to progress. The suggested ways to build it up is just a start, the rest of the work should be executed and evolving. You can start with telling a story that sticks, something the audience will never forget. Identify your uniqueness and what makes you stand out and be on the lookout of your competitors. See what they got and what they don’t then work around it. Invest on campaigns, set a budget, determine, refine and optimize. Lastly, be visible everywhere. Utilize every platform there is to get noticed. Soon enough, you will find your empire on top of the others.