HOT Sales Pitch Closing Techniques

Warning: Not for the weak or your career will suffer. In my seven years of experience in sales, the people that I tried selling to didn’t buy. But those that I’ve given information to or inspiration are the ones that made the sale and stayed. Closing sales takes a lot of guts and data. It demands courage, confidence, a go-getter mindset and a back-up loaded knowledge of your product and how it benefits the customers. 

Here we give you achievable hot sales pitch and techniques to close that deal you’ve been targeting. Come up with an exemplary pitch by asking the BIG questions: 

Is the prospect ready for your proposal?

How long have you been in touch with your lead?

Think of what would make them say NO?

What would it take for them to say YES?

With that similar question you have in mind, get that big answer and break it down into pieces as a solution and apply it. Bear in mind that this is not an overnight success, it will take a lot of practice until you get there.  In this article we lay down on the table these suggested techniques that has proven to be effective over time:

  1. Gather enough Data
  2. Avoid pending cases
  3. Manage Expectations
  4. Get ready for a Back-up Plan
  5. Make that Sale

1.Gather enough Data

Never underestimate the power of research and data gathering, it will save you from the pitfall. Understand your prospect, your offer and how to end up in a win-win scenario. Find out what your rival offers and counter it. It doesn’t have to mean lowering your value but presenting the edge of your offer.

2.Avoid pending cases

Strike the iron while it’s hot. Move things at a steady pace, don’t let it hang. What you have in mind should be ‘continuity’ and not something like getting back at it some other time. Honesty can make a difference. Customers now are well-equipped with google at the fingertips so if you mislead them and they find out, that’s a lot of trouble. Be honest and don’t stall.

3.Manage Expectations

Closing sales can be nerve wracking knowing that you might get more NO than YES. Building rapport to gain your prospect’s trust is already one step forward. Ask them first about their budget, what they want to get out of it before you present your item and price. This way, you manage both of your expectations. 

4.Get ready for a Back-up Plan

What’s your next move if a customer says no to your sales pitch? This is the back-up plan we are referring to. A “no” for an answer may not be the final one. Ask politely with “why”, listen and answer respectfully. Take notes, thank them for the time and assure them you will come up with a better offer. This way, they will expect to hear from you again with something even better of course. 

5.Make that Sale

Following the above techniques, you should now have a nurtured relationship between you and the customer. This is your make or break moment, it’s now or never-situation. A few lines like “Before I forget, have you made that decision already?” before you part ways. You don’t attack them in the middle of a perky conversation so they won’t feel being sold. Lead them to a voluntary decision. You may say “This is not to pressure you, whenever you are ready…” 

You all have different technique, tactics to apply, just take care of your leads to make that sale.


In closing a deal, there’s no such thing as perfect pitch. There are a lot of factors to consider, techniques, strategies to apply. Just remember the big questions, break it down to pieces and find possible answers. Get ready by educating yourself about your brand and what it can offer to your prospects. Moreover, do not delay, keep the pace slowly and surely. Lastly, keep your expectations at bay, don’t take rejection at the end of it and claim that deal.