Sales conversion

Sales Conversion Optimization Tactics

Optimization of sales conversion is one of the biggest factors in marketing and a lot of opinions, suggestions are being thrown out related to this. To define, optimization is the key to increase your sales and revenue regardless if you are running a brick & mortar business or have transitioned to a digital store. In a physical store, conversion is when your lead visits your store after seeing a poster or flyer and purchasing your product. In the digital world, conversion is when your lead visits your website/e-commerce, browse through your products and eventually buy them. To optimize this conversion that eventually leads to sales increase is where the critical situation comes in.

Tactics and strategies are needed to be in place to achieve your target. How? Familiarization of best practices and building a repetitive strategic process that yields progress. 

Here we will outline and capsulize sales conversion optimization tactics:

  1. Set your sales target
  2. Provide an exceptional customer experience
  3. Attract leads to take action
  4. Continue to Innovate

Set your sales target – this empowers you to focus on a specific goal and develop new learning insights along the way. If something hinders from achieving that goal at a target month, then take it as an opportunity to work around on another style of reaching the goal. It allows you to bridge the gap between what’s been done and what you have missed doing. For example, if you are running an e-commerce store and are set to achieve your first $1000 revenue in a month but failed because you are not responsive with customer inquiry, or you rely heavily on organic traffic. Petty things but has great impact in pinning down your target. 

Provide an exceptional customer experience – according to experts, it’s not about who your rivals are, how many thousands your competitors are, it’s about customer service. Customer experience matters above all else. It builds loyalty, it becomes word of the mouth and in effect results in a domino effect. Gone are the days when you could give massive discounts, and beautify your products to attract customers. Customer service has been given an emphasis now, it’s no longer about you but about them. Selfless mindset but wise enough to convert. A very common example in a brick-and-mortar store, the moment customers would enter your doorstep, greet them with your warmest welcoming smile and be attentive to their needs. They may not buy right away but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Attract leads to take action – this can simply mean a call to action. There needs to be a strong Call to Action. This is where you use the power of persuasion and it cannot be weak by any means. First, start with a powerful visual of your product if you are in the digital market. It can be a video, or slideshow with a brief and concise compelling caption. Target your customers interest, feelings, ignite them. You can take a look at these example CTA’s that yielded results:

  1. Animoto – It said “Watch our Summit with these big influencers, and get 25% off our plan. Learn more about this here.” With Gary Vee’s photo and a direct way of saying ‘do this because of this formula’ and ‘you’ll get this benefit’ if you do. Clear and effective. 
  1. Shopify – It said “I sell my crafts on Facebook”, “Sell your crafts on FB” then Learn More. It’s very powerful too as it gives a notion of selling it in-store, out of store to your heart’s content. 

Continue to Innovate – there’s no other way but to progress, go up and forward. When you are in business and in sales, it’s imperative to be creative and innovative. Everything changes so fast like a lightning now so keeping up is very essential. It’s not enough to just provide economic goods, you must think how the goods can be better and more economic and how the consumers can take advantage of it. It can be an innovation in design, marketing technique, customer service, it speaks of as a whole, the entire component of the business. To be successful in business, and sales conversion optimization, this can be a crucial part but with the right mindset, management and resources it’s 100% achievable.


Optimizing sales conversion and laying down its tactics is very vital in the marketing aspect of your business. If you are into entrepreneurship and determined to succeed, tactics, strategies to generate sales and revenue needs to be given a careful thought. Determining your target sales, providing an exceptional customer experience, attracting leads to take action and continuous innovation are just one of the practical strategies you can take on to optimize sales conversions. You can break these down into smaller pieces to emphasize on tactics to take on. For example, providing exceptional customer experience in your website if you have e-commerce. And create another set of strategies if you are running a physical store. Just remember to execute the plans after it’s all laid down.