THe Art of Planning

Work smarter. Not harder.

As a Sales Professional, what do you value more, time or money? We may all differ with our answers but we know both are valuable. Managing our time wisely means more productivity and efficiency, thus, gaining more financially. 

Introducing our printable planner to keep you on top of your goals on a daily basis. This is more likely your vision board in a notebook where you can customize according to your hourly plans, daily, monthly and yearly plans. As a busy person, it will help you be organized and focused to keep your business in progress. Included in this bundle are for your personal goals as well like travel, dinner date, things you plan to buy, career goals or you are free to customize them. 

It includes a 35-page pdf downloadable file, just make sure you have an updated pdf viewer with editable fields. It comes with a Weekly Planner, Contact List, Calendar, Daily Planner, List of Critical Activities, Follow up, Obstacle List. 

network marketing business organizer, planner, printable, editable, digital planner
MLM Business Planner

*Weekly Planner – the page of the planner where you get to plan for the week ahead. Write your weekly goals, appointments, & budget. This is the section where you write down the bigger goals before breaking it down to daily goals. A section of your top priorities is provided so make sure you write them bold.

*Daily Plan – this is the page you get busy with before going to sleep at night. List down what you need to accomplish for the next day and avoid rushing down. What’s unique about our planner is you are able to enlist your habit tracker.

*Contact List – in running a business, the safest place to keep your contacts would be in this planner. Don’t depend too much on your mobile phone for we never know when it gets bugged. Our planner provides several pages for your contacts.

contact list, contact sheet, follow up with contacts
Active Contact List

*Calendar – keep track of the important dates by filling out the calendar sections. You can plan ahead of your monthly activities and your overall goals for the month.

*List of Critical Activities – having the business mindset allows you to categorize the repetitive activities which are all essential in your business growth. This section in the planner allows you to keep track of them. In example, calls, active list, event promotion and so on.

*Follow Up – listing down follow up saves your integrity. If your Client agrees to have another set of follow up meetings or call then record it here. Or if your prospect leads said he/she wants to give it time before saying yes, then list it down here and be always on track.

*Obstacle List – it’s never a smooth sailing life and challenges can get in the way. List it down here while you think of a better solution.

The best thing about our planner is,  since it’s digital and downloadable, you can check on other designs and edit according to your needs. If you want a planner just for the business then feel free to change the pages with your ideal look. 

Study says we remember better when we write things down. So what are you waiting for? Grab this planner and stay on top of your game!